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Radiant's Focus is utilizing data to gain business insights and solve business problems. We specialize in all aspects of Information Management including Data Discovery, Data Architecture and Data Integration. Whether it is modest amount of data from a “Variety” of data sources or huge “Volume” of data from a modest set of sources, we specialize in collecting and analyzing that data using industry leading tools and techniques. We provide data modeling, extraction, refinement, business Intelligence and analytics services around structured as well as unstructured data (Big or not so Big) to provide a single comprehensive view of person or organization of interest.

Radiant's Data Solution offering includes Data Warehousing and Analytics, Data Conversion and Database Design. We bring an understanding of end to end lifecycle of data warehouse solution development. Our consultants have strong experience with helping the client select right software for their requirements, identify data sources, harmonize and curate data, design database schema, perform data extraction, transformation and load. We can assist your organization with statistical analysis and business intelligence of structured as well as unstructured data. We have built reporting solutions and dashboards for senior management at Healthcare agencies to foster effective decisions with real time data.

Databases are the foundation of any software development project. Our skilled database experts ensure that the database design is scalable and supports high transaction volume with minimal latency. We have experience with all major databases: Oracle, SQLServer, DB2, MySQL, MSAccess. We make make the database available online.
Radiant brings expertise in software engineering that spans all phases of Software Development Life Cycle from Requirements Gathering to Software Maintenance. We leverage agile development methodologies that help us deliver quality solutions to our customers in an efficient manner. Our team brings expertise in latest open source, COTS-GOTS products, frameworks and programming languages.

Requirements Analysis and Testing Successful outcome of any project depends upon clearly identifying and articulating project requirements. How requirements are understood, defined and captured often determines the successful completion of a project. Radiant's methodology leverages a robust framework of capturing requirements using templates and processes resulting from years of collective experience of our professionals. We partner with our customers to fine tune the our methodologies and imbibe their best practices in capturing requirements more effectively. Our framework provides transparency in requirements traceability during all phases of SDLC - Development through Testing. It helps identify scope creep early on, ensuring on time, on budget delivery adhering to project specifications.

Software Design and Development Our expertise ranges from traditional client server solutions to complex web based applications that utilize multi-tier architecture and service oriented programming techniques. Our client-server, distributed application, and e-business solutions are developed using a wide variety of languages and platforms. We are experts in distributed applications and employ advanced data modeling techniques, software life cycle methodologies, and testing processes to ensure the delivery of high quality product that improves productivity and efficiency. We utilize latest web technologies to ensure the solution satisfies the mission and goals on the end user, stays within the budget and yields a satisfying return on investment.
Radiant offers expertise with all components of Federal Identity and Access Management (FICAM) Service Framework - Identity Management, Credential Management, Access Management and Federation, Audit and Reporting, Cryptography. Radiant has experience with:

• Developing ICAM Frameworks for Enabling Agile delivery
• Supporting PII Protection and Data Redaction
• Identity Governance through Provisioning and Certification.
• FICAM solution Integration with Agency workflows

Radiant offers complete and comprehensive support for security offerings and Information assurance (IA) programs. Access and Implement integrated solutions for physical, technical, operations, personnel, computer and communication security requirements. From Vulnerability Assessments to Information Assurance, Monitoring and Traffic Analysis to Information Operations, Radiant's integrated cyber security solutions safeguard mission-critical systems against the widest range of internal and external threats. Radiant’s end-to-end defense in depth solutions constantly monitor and protect against breach, fraud, theft and sabotage. No matter how complex the system or threat, Radiant is trusted to deliver a proven, powerful line of cyber defense solutions.
Radiant's virtualization skills coupled with cloud based solution capabilities enable the agencies to do more with less. It offers an exceptional value proposition to agencies looking to build a seamless production as well Disaster Recovery (DR) and Continuity of Operations (COOP) infrastructure. The solutions provide business continuity as well as the elasticity to scale up servers and related infrastructure during peak periods of demand and save costs when the demand is not so high. Radiant's value proposition in infrastructure management includes:

Virtualization Government agencies demand a responsive network and service infrastructure that is both secure and scalable. Radiant provides robust data center and hosting solutions that meet FISMA, HIPAA and other Federal security requirements. Our Virtualization solutions leverage the latest capabilities from software vendors in this space to improve the efficiency while maintaining the enterprise application SLAs. Improving customer service by minimizing down time through automation and server consolidation.

Cloud Engineering Radiant has built proven capabilities that allow agencies to take advantage of the Cloud and realize an immediate return on investment. Our roadmap enables the agencies to take advantage of cloud based service models such as Software As a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (Paas), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Our solutions span the entire gamut of private, community and public cloud infrastructure.

Network Services Radiant has deep experience in providing high performance and secure networks. Our network services enable reliable infrastructure to deliver exceptional business value in an increasingly complex and continuously changing network environment.